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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Get Estimates for Fast Property Sale

Do you wish to arrange a fast sale of your property? is able to introduce you to Home Buying Firms with the possibility of exchange of contracts on the sale of your home within 7-14 Days.

Filling in the form below will give you a set of contact details from companies who specialise in arranging the quick sale of a residential property.  You will be able to make direct contact with the experts to discuss your requirement in more detail.  Before appointing a company you should assure yourself that your chosen supplier has the relevant qualifications, licences, experience and insurance to provide the level of service that you require.  There is of course no obligation to use any of the property experts that you have been introduced to.

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There are nationwide firms which specialise in Purchasing Domestic properties for resale.  These companies purchase your properties very quickly and then sell on.  You will need to make sure if you will need to vacate the property quickly or there is the possibility of becoming a tenant of the property.

  1. Are facing imminent repossession and do not want to leave your Home.
  2. Are facing a heavy debt burden which you cannot service or for which you cannot arrange any refunding
  3. Are under pressure to exchange contracts on another Property and are unwilling, or unable to do so without your current home being sold
  4. Are Emigrating and your own property has not been sold
  5. Are in the process of a Divorce or Separation and require a speedy resolution to joint ownership of the Home

Selling a property is a very large decision, and great care should be taken before any decisions are made.

If you are a company that can arrange the fast purchase of property and you would like to join, email or click here.

All of the above information is for guidance only, it is not to be considered property advice.  Contracts entered into are between the Client and the individual member firm. acts as the introducer only.

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